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There are several variations of ultra-distance and the latest edition to the formats is the garden ultra-marathon. This marathon was devised during the COVID lock down and first saw the light in South Africa with the Fresh Trails Ultra Back yard challenge. This format is at its core a max loop distance of 300m, must be completed inside the boundaries of your garden and needs to be completed in one go with an entry distance of 42.3 km.

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My interest in correcting weight, health and serum lipids led me first to fasting as a simple, easy, and painless way to increase my growth hormone and testosterone and reduce inflammation mainly to heal an ankle injury.

I was aware of specific foods and exercises that could optimize my hormones. I took what we know about ghrelin, insulin, leptin, serotonin cortisol, insulin and a host of other hormones that could be naturally optimized and included them in extended simple daily practices. Much of this has been outlined in the Big Breakfast Debate. Beasting and Feasting just takes it a step further.

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“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.” ~Buddha

Anger is merciless.

It leaves you feeling torn up inside.

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Thyroid -

I cannot count the times I have chat with a client with weight gain certain they have thyroid disease. The conversation often starts like this, “I have had tests before, and they have been normal, but I have read all about low thyroid and I am sure mine must be low…

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Sleep -

Melatonin tablets are a very popular sleep supplement, you can find them for sale in plastic bottles in nearly every pharmacy. But Melatonin is problematic. Like a lot of drugs, it creates a dependency as it desensitizes your biology to a natural hormone.

The first time you drop 5 or 10 milligrams of Melatonin you’ll get some great sleep but if you do that often, more than once or twice a week maximum you’ll build up a dependency. Your body will need the extra supplemental Melatonin, and you’ll have more problems getting to sleep without it.

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