25 Most common reasons quoted to join CrossFit

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25 Most common reasons quoted to join CrossFit

Thinking about joining but I’m super hesitant? Here are some of the most quoted reasons for joining a CrossFit box.

Many folks have friends that are always been inviting them to CrossFit with them but always back out because they’re super nervous. Folks are really insecure about their fitness and weight and just get intimidated by the thought of working out with crazy fitness junkies. Here’s some advice from folks that have taken the leap

  1. Give it a go, the worst that can happen is you won't enjoy it.
  2. Just do it. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 4 months and I’m so glad I decided to get it of my comfort zone and do it. Being a little chubby and very out of shape, I was extremely nervous on my first day. People at CrossFit are very welcoming and just happy you are there. No one is going to make fun of the new person who is trying their best to get into shape. You can scale the workouts too. Most of the people there are just like you. You’ll be very proud of yourself. It will take some time to learn the movements. It’s also very exciting when you start seeing results :)
  3. I'm entirely average at the gym. Many folks, probably most folks, are. We're all just there to try and stay fit and healthy and maybe have some fun. Give it a go, if you hate it, or rock climbing or swimming or whatever works for you that keeps you active and moving.
  4. Nobody starts out fit and if you find the right box, there will be a big mix of people. Some will be trying to get smaller; some will be trying to get bigger, some will be returning from injury, etc...
  5. The good thing about CrossFit is it's inclusive and your gym-mates will support you and encourage you. If the most weight you can lift is an empty bar, that's still a great place to start from. Plus, you'll be going with your friend, so you won't be alone in any of this.
  6. Just take that leap. You'll have a coach leading the class, providing guidance on form. You'll meet so many different people who are all there working out together. I love going.
  7. The big difference in how much weight you can lift comes from technique, no matter what size you are.
  8. The community is so welcoming, and no matter what level you're starting at you'll be made to feel right at home, and no one will judge you.
  9. When I first walked into a CrossFit box, I was 30kgs overweight at least, and no one so much as looked at me like I didn't belong - I was made to feel welcome, and I finally found my sport. I'm two years in now, and it's completely changed my life.
  10. There are people from all backgrounds at CrossFit and this is especially true when it comes to size. It’s honestly one of the most welcoming atmospheres you’ll come across in the fitness world.
  11. Anyway, you don’t need to be a fitness guru to excel at one of the CrossFit gyms. The regime is so diverse that there’s something for everyone regardless of what you like to do at the gym, your experience level, your schedule, etc.
  12. Show up. Don't care what other people think. I'm short, overweight, and old. I just started during an onboarding and then just kept showing. Pretty sure they thought they were going to kill me a few times, but I just keep turning up every day! I scale everything I need to. No one judges. Don't bother yourself for a second with other people.
  13. The gym I go to has a fair number of casual folks, and quite a few not so casual. They are all of them super nice. If you go to the gym and it's full of Bros or the people aren't nice, then it's just not the right gym. 
  14. If anything, you might probably end up making loads of friends as well.
  15. CrossFit is simply just exercising, that's what everyone is there to do.
  16. You feel intimidated because it is new and different to you. I was the same way. In my initial 101 class, I debated about turning around before I even parked.
  17. But there is something very healthy about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new and different. At worst, you find it isn't for you... and that's ok.
  18. When I first started, I was maybe 50kg pounds. I’m 5ft3, so my limbs were noodles. A couple years later I’m closer to 60kg, and most of that is muscle. If you find a coach and a box that you really click with, it’s super easy to fall into the community and find a whole new set of friends.
  19. From what I’ve seen, a lot of boxes offer a free week of on-boarding, so give it a go and see how you like it!
  20. When I started I was about 115kg at 5”5. CrossFit isn’t just about people that are jacked. It’s about community, functional fitness, and getting a great workout in a short period of time. I weigh 80kg now and I have never looked or felt better, give it a shot, I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised how supportive people are and how great it can be (after the soreness starts going away).
  21. Just jump in. I started when I was close to 140kg and I got so much encouragement and motivation from the people I worked out with who were better at it than me. I’ve lost 40kg and I’m still not where I want to be strength/movement wise but it feels good to keep working at it.
  22. I’m a big athletic looking guy that can’t do pull-ups and each of my lift was embarrassing at the beginning. I never heard a negative thing from anyone. Go for it!
  23. For me it’s not about other people, it’s about crushing my own personal goals. I started to train, and I hated to run, running was my biggest fear in the world. So I signed up for a Marathon with the most I was able to run was maybe 3km. In two months, I finished a marathon in 5 hours.
  24. I’ve fully accepted my role as being the guy that makes everyone else look good. Takes all kinds. Get in there!
  25. You'll find a mixture of people, I promise! I was pretty much one of the fittest girls at the previous gyms I had used before going to CrossFit, so it was very intimidating finding all these amazing women lifting all kinds of heavy weights but then I looked around and so 80% were just like me. If anything, it's motivating, and no matter your ability, you'll get cheered on and helped.

You won't regret it. Just go. You'll soon notice that nobody's looking at you, they are just trying to finish the WOD.

Charles Lubbe is the co-owner and head coach at CrossFit Zest for Life in Queenswood, Pretoria.

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