Beasting , Feasting and Fasting Formula

Beasting , Feasting and Fasting Formula


My interest in correcting weight, health and serum lipids led me first to fasting as a simple, easy, and painless way to increase my growth hormone and testosterone and reduce inflammation mainly to heal an ankle injury.

I was aware of specific foods and exercises that could optimize my hormones. I took what we know about ghrelin, insulin, leptin, serotonin cortisol, insulin and a host of other hormones that could be naturally optimized and included them in extended simple daily practices. Much of this has been outlined in the Big Breakfast Debate. Beasting and Feasting just takes it a step further.


I began eating one big extended FEAST that I absolutely loved. This could sometimes take 2-3 hours to complete. A meal that I could look forward to, that nourished my body in a real way. It has to stop my hunger and make me not even want to think about food until the same time the next or following day.

I wasn’t chasing hunger pangs all day, because I was ALWAYS burning off my body fat. I was using that body fat for energy and this effect increased the longer I fasted. Your body fat should be a source of fuel. This really becomes effective after fasting for 36 hours. The more often you do the extended fast the lower your glycogen levels are. This results in easier fat release and fat burning.

Unfortunately, most of us have our energy systems backwards. We're constantly accumulating more body fat and we never end up using it for energy. Instead we spend our days spiking our blood sugar with constant feedings (the highway to the hell of diabetes) and our bodies are desperately trying to crash the blood-sugar with insulin because elevated blood sugar is toxic.

That’s the blood sugar roller coaster in a nutshell, and it’s all because we’re never in a hormonal state that allows for the breakdown of our body fat. So instead we just keep getting fatter and closer to diabetes.

With Beasting, Feasting and Fasting everything is better, immediately. I’m talking about focus, attention, creativity, sex drive, productivity, everything.

 The Method

Beasting, Feasting, and Fasting is a simple daily practice that optimizes your hormones for results that are surprisingly quick and, best of all, sustainable for the long term without a lot of effort. It follows the principles of eating to satiety with a small caveat.

Beasting is doing 10 to 35 minutes of exercise that is appropriate for your experience and fitness level. Beasting depletes your energy reserves (the glycogen stored in your liver) and appropriately damages your lean tissue so that it can grow back stronger. We break down during training and build up during rest. Its this reduction in glycogen that stimulates glucagon to release fat from the cells for energy and conversion to glucose.

Feasting is eating delicious real food without calorie restriction or portion control whatsoever. Feasting naturally shuts off your hunger and results in spontaneous calorie reduction. This is because your body is receiving all the nourishment it craves and starts pumping your lean body hormone, leptin. Feasting also provides the raw material to replenish your energy reserves (the glycogen in your muscles and liver) and repairs your lean tissue. With enough fat in the meal satiety is triggered and the feast period generally needs to be extended.

Fasting is the easiest part. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. It's simply not eating until you repeat the first two steps. Most people assume that fasting will be difficult because all they know is riding the "blood sugar roller coaster" of ravenous hunger and crashing energy. But through Beasting, Feasting, and Fasting every day you'll quickly be able to fast effortlessly with unlimited smooth "no crash" energy because your body is finally breaking down your stored body for fuel.

Fasting has been shown to have an amazing array of health benefits, including cancer prevention as dysfunctional cells are killed off and recycled before they become problematic. My experience has been mind blowing. I have massively reduced recovery time on the ankle previously mentioned and have full use in half the time.

Once you commit to this simple process, your BFF skills will improve every day. You’ll feel better and expand your comfort zone daily until you can occasionally hit the 36 and 48 hr. mark while continuing with daily training, work and home life.

 Once you make Beasting, Feasting and Fasting your normal routine, you'll be able to achieve and sustain your results effortlessly. This is because you are optimizing your hormones. These hormones are the master switches that control hunger, appetite, mood, satiety, body fat, lean muscle mass, stress, and even confidence.

 Traditional diets fail because they expect you to create an energy deficit by restricting your calories and doing arduous cardio. That approach slows down your metabolism, disrupts your hormones, and increases your biological drive to eat. Once your drive to eat overcomes your willpower for calorie restriction you're screwed! You binge again and gain all the weight back — and then some — because now you have a slower metabolism and disrupted hormones.

Almost everyone has tried six or seven of these diets all with the same results: short-term success followed by long-term failure that washes out the results you achieved from all your initial hard work and deprivation.

See, it’s the deprivation that's the problem. If you want lasting results than you need to flip the master switches (your hormones), and you do that by showing your body that you're in a state of abundance: Abundant opportunities for appropriate exercise, abundant nourishment, and then fasting until you repeat the first two steps. Eating multiple times per day, like most folks do whether they’re on a diet, signals scarcity and desperation, not abundance. With the increase in production of glucagon you have excess energy available with great clarity of mind.

 FASTING is the easiest and most effective way to optimize your hormones. Because here’s what happens when you don't eat right away: You don't pump insulin and you increase glucagon. This increases fat release and has your liver produce more ketones.

Insulin IS your fat storage hormone. When you trigger insulin, you're toggling OFF growth hormone, testosterone and your body fat destroyer hormone (hormone sensitive lipase). If I could not eat for an extended period compared to what I was used to, then my body would naturally pump more testosterone, and I would feel better as a result.

Did you know that a 23-hour fast depletes as much sugar as running a half marathon? So I personally get a half marathon of sugar depletion, diabetes prevention, etc, of fasting every other day. And it's effortless. It's not until you get your hormones going in the right direction — through Beasting and Feasting that Fasting becomes effortless.

 A lot of people say to me, “Charles, I tried fasting. It was so hard. I made it 15 hours and I was dying.” And my response always is, “Don't start there!” A lot of people have been riding the blood sugar roller coaster because they’re eating the wrong things and they’re eating them multiple times per day. The average person now eats seven times per day. You think that might be part of the problem with our bulging waistlines? And look, if you’re still riding the blood sugar roller coaster, then, yes, fasting would be the hard part. Once glycogen is depleted this becomes the easy part.

How to start

 Start with eating a breakfast to satiety and going hunger free for 6-8 hours. Once you have this managed consider extending the fast to 16 hours, then 24 and then 36.

That’s why we don't start with the “hard part.” We start with the easy part. When you Beast, Feast and Fast in the right order, you get out of that awful feedback cycle, that viscous cycle of survival mechanism. You're no longer riding the blood sugar roller coaster, you're no longer hungry all the time. You no longer feel like crap. You no longer need a nap in the afternoon because your blood sugar is crashing.

Start with Beasting. Working out 10 to 35 minutes a day. This could be a walk. And then you're going to do the next step, Feasting. You're going to nourish your body and then you're going to fast. Every step in the cycle makes the next two steps easier.

 Feast on the right foods — then everything becomes easy. You simply can't eat snack foods, candy bars, and junk and expect an optimal hormonal state.

When you truly feast and nourish your body — and I'm not talking about unsatisfying low-fat, high fiber, so-called “health food.” I'm talking about steak and eggs and salmon and healthy plant foods. The most delicious, nourishing real food you can imagine. This excludes all grains and seed oils and for most of you excludes dairy as well.

And what is real food? It's food with no ingredients, pure and simple. If you hand me a pastry or a candy bar, I know it’s fake food. There are no “pastry plants” or candy bar farms. Fake foods are made of cheap grains like flour and high fructose corn syrup. They throttle your hormones and always leaving you feeling lousy … not always right away, but 30 to 90 minutes later.

Real food has zero ingredients. An egg is an egg. An apple is an apple. Beef is beef. Fish is fish.

You get the idea. In other words, ZERO ingredients, whole foods only.

When you eat real foods, you don’t have to worry about portion control or useless hacks like serving your meals on small blue plates. You just throw out all the processed, preservative-filled crap and feast on as much real food as you want.

I found that during the extended fasts longer than 24 hrs Zest Super Juice really assisted in making it easier.

Beast , feast and fast.

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