Dont take Melatonin. 10 Safe Sleep Hacks for Stupendous Slumber.

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Dont take Melatonin. 10 Safe Sleep Hacks for Stupendous Slumber.

Melatonin tablets are a very popular sleep supplement, you can find them for sale in plastic bottles in nearly every pharmacy. But Melatonin is problematic. Like a lot of drugs, it creates a dependency as it desensitizes your biology to a natural hormone.

The first time you drop 5 or 10 milligrams of Melatonin you’ll get some great sleep but if you do that often, more than once or twice a week maximum you’ll build up a dependency. Your body will need the extra supplemental Melatonin, and you’ll have more problems getting to sleep without it.

The melatonin hangover - Excess Melatonin when supplemented hangs around until the next morning making you groggy and sleepy in the morning as opposed to bounding out of bed ready to take on the day.

I’m naturally a kind of high strung, stimulation seeking person and since I can remember I had problems getting to sleep because there’s just always SO MUCH to think about. These tips have helped me get a great nights sleep.

1. Early morning sunlight setting you up for great sleep.

2. Avoiding grains, seeds and processed foods.

3. Not staring at glowing screens for about an hour before going to bed.

4. Turning off your wifi router before bed.

5. Last meal four hours before bed.

6. Don’t drink coffee within 4 hours of bedtime.

7. Preparation for the next day before bed.

8. Waking 30 min earlier than needed and taking your time to rise.

9. Avoiding alcohol and nicotine before bed.

10. Drinking a sleepy time herbal tea cocktail like Zest Moringa Concentrate Super Juice.

Doctors and anti-aging experts have long advised against taking sleeping medication or supplements because many of them hack our hormones in invasive ways, causing dependence or long term imbalances. This is where Zest Concentrate Super Juice Plus is an all-natural compliment to daily nutrient balance.

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