If You’re Unhappy With Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility To Change It

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If You’re Unhappy With Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility To Change It

You will never be more than you are grateful for and you will never be truly free until you can count your blessings daily. Fear binds us to a life that does not wake us with great joy daily and there is no reason to not wake with great joy. No matter the circumstance we may find ourselves in.

Our wounds are an addiction that allow us to escape from who we could be, however in the process jails us and blinds us to our blessings. We need to understand why we have kept these wounds from healing and let them go. We think we can protect ourselves from hurt by building walls around us, but these walls become jail sentences and these jail sentences consciously agreed to, keep us bitter and unhappy.

Living in a cell may protect you from hurt but it also restricts your joy. Breaking down walls is not taking a risk. It's freeing yourself to really live a life filled with joy.

At some point you realise the sun was there all the time. Often, we settle for what we think is right, acceptable and safe. We are so dominated by the idea of staying because it feels scary to imagine a different result. It feels frightening to face a whole new environment without the people, the things, or the places we’ve been so used to and that we understand. Pain that we know becomes part of our ego. Our way of life. Our reason to complain.

We are so terrified by the idea of moving on, because we feel like we would be alone and while leaving things behind we would also be leaving part of who we have become. Part of ourselves that we have grown to know and care for. We sacrifice our own being, our own happiness. We choose to compromise all these because we choose to stay, when we should really be taking active action to move forward to an expectation of joy.

If you’re unhappy, SHIFT. Because if you’re meant to stay in one place, you should have roots, instead of feet.

If you’re unhappy with your job, quit. If you feel like, you’re no longer growing, no longer learning, if you’re no longer productive, if you’re only clocking in and out every single day – then shift. If you’re constantly stressing over the fact that it drains you mentally, physically and emotionally, then shift. If you’re thinking of just sticking with that job that never fails to suck your joy because it pays the bills and you might be “promoted” there and can call yourself “successful” and “happier” – NO. Your happiness does not depend on your success. Your success depends on your happiness. Go where there are new opportunities, new places, new things you can explore and will contribute to your expectation of daily joy, love and great relationships.

Frustration is our way of imagining that there is another story. Don’t be afraid of new experiences.  Whether it ends good or bad, it’s still an experience. Let’s not forget that every experience teaches us a valuable lesson that we might never learn if we choose otherwise.

If you’re unhappy with the people you surround yourself with, shift. If you feel like they no longer influence you positively and you no longer prosper with them then it’s time to release them. By releasing them, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting them off from your life or you’re forgetting them forever, it just simply means that you are choosing to surround yourself with support for joy and that they no longer fulfil this purpose. The time you had with them was spectacular. There was learning and encouragements but when they no longer uplift you, they will drag you into settling for mediocrity. It’s time to say your “thank you” and “see you again”. You are just recognizing that your needs and expectations have changed, and you need to go on with your life, perhaps without them.

If you’re unhappy with your love life, end it. Romantic relationships are more than forehead kisses, dinner dates, tight hugs and sweet letters – romantic relationships just like any other vital connection you have, is supposed to mature with you. Romantic relationships are supposed to let you flourish and develop in every aspect of who you are. It is supposed to hearten you every morning and not weigh you down with doubts and resentments. If your partner becomes a constant instrument of heartache and toxicity, then cut them off. You are not obliged to burden yourself with such. Great relationships will propel you to be at your best, to motivate you and allow you to discover the extent of your grandeur. Remember that, always. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll meet someone who’ll contribute to your joy even more.

If you’re unhappy with how you see life, move your sight. See life from a different view, a different perspective. Re-acquaint yourself with life. Worrying or over-thinking things don’t change how life is. Like they say, don’t stress over the things you can’t change. The only thing you can do is fix your eyes on a different light, see life in all its splendor. Stop viewing it for all its troubles. Life is beautiful.

If you’re unhappy where you are right now, move. It’s as simple as that. I don’t know why we make everything so complicated. Why we spend so much of our time and energy scrutinizing everything, when the only thing we should really be thinking about is our own happiness.

Instead of dreading and over-examining every decision you need to make in your life, trust your guts. Sometimes, taking risks and clinging to perplexity is a good thing. You don’t always have to weigh the pros and cons of things, sometimes there is only one thing that really, truly matters and that is; your happiness, your passion for this life and your hunger for a contented heart. You don’t have to be sure of where you’re going or what the next step is; sometimes all you must do is take the first step and that is to SHIFT.

Now that you are ready to shift STOP! Many that are frustrated will shift only to find themselves in a new situation with the same or similar frustrations. I believe we need to take a moment and re examine what brings us great joy daily. What would wake us with a sense of great expectation and inspire us to take action to not only claim that which brings us great joy but also to no longer need external affirmation for these decisions and actions.

There is a simple exercise called “Why “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R2R3qGZB0s&t=102s

Charles Lubbe is a high-performance coach, author, adventurer and keen multi sport athlete.

Contact 0717287835 email charles@crossfitzest.co.za

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