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Improve your Mood

There are several simple things that anyone can try.


  There are several simple things that anyone can do to lift their mood. You may already be doing some, and you certainly don’t need to be doing them all. Just try the ones that you feel most comfortable with, or that are easiest for you. As your mood begins to lift—and sooner or later it will—you can make more and bigger changes to your routine. And if you can hold on to these good habits once your mood has lifted, you will continue to feel better.

Stop eating too much sugar and processed foods

Too much sugar increases inflammation and this influences your gut and mood. Zest for Life Concentrate Super juice plus helps correct your gut and massively improves your mood.

Spend more time with sympathetic friends and relatives.

Talking to others about our feelings helps us to process them, put them into perspective, and obtain advice and support. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you need their help, and don't feel guilty for accepting it. If you feel uncomfortable talking to friends and relatives, or are unable to, you can phone a helpline. Perhaps you prefer not to talk about your feelings at all. Even so, spending time with sympathetic people and doing things together should help to lift your mood. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Break down large tasks into smaller ones and set realistic deadlines for completing them. Try to reduce your levels of stress. Don’t blame yourself for "doing nothing"; you are merely giving yourself the time and space that you need to get better. Just think of it as taking a step back to jump further.

Get out of the house, even if only to walk in the park.

Bright daylight, fresh air, and the hustle bustle of everyday life can all be very helpful, as can the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. If you can, try to take some mild exercise, such as 20 minutes of brisk walking. Early daily sunshine has a positive effect on melatonin and this improves the quality of your sleep. Zest Concentrated Super Juice assists with sleep.

Fight off negative thoughts.

Make a list of all the positive things about yourself and your situation (you may need help with this), keep it with you, and read it several times a day. However bad you may be feeling, remember that you have not always felt this way, and will not always feel this way.

Be realistic about your progress.

Improvements in mood are likely to be gradual rather than sudden, and you may even get worse before you start getting better. Once you are on the right track, there are going to be bad days as well as good days. Bad days that come after one or several good days may seem all the worse for it. Don’t blame yourself for the bad days, and don’t despair.

Get as much sleep as you can.

A single good night’s sleep, or even a nice nap, can make a world of difference to your mood. Use Zest Concentrate Super Juice to improve your sleep.


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