Make your dreams a reality

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Make your dreams a reality

There are a few essential steps if you want to make a vision board that works. In fact, a lot of conversation about vision boards leave out the parts that are truly essential. So, if you want to learn how to make a vision board that works, that doesn’t leave out the most important steps, is this is the post for you.

But, before we dig into the exact steps for making a vision board that works, let me tell you how I came to make my first vision board.

I created my first vision board well over ten years ago when I was in the process of healing my prediabetes.

At the time, vision boards, or even living on purpose were unfamiliar concepts.

I didn’t really understand the point of creating a vision board and quite frankly, was just sort of following along with the program. I have a strong creative streak and had paid my hard-earned money to be there, so, I just went with it.

We were instructed to cut and paste images of things that inspired us onto a piece of poster board.

So, we all sat around in a circle, chatting and cutting from magazines for about an hour. I put pictures of books, trees, and a few words that resonated on my board.

I wasn’t being too picky about the images; I was just going with what felt right. Since then I have repeated my Why exercise without building a vision board many times until I recently realised the power of seeing and creating a mental picture of the life I want.

I made a vision board that works!

Every single image that I cut and paste on that board has become real in my life.

I realized again how powerful it is to create your vision, take action that is aligned with that vision, and heal the blocks to making it all real.

It’s not the vision board that works. It’s the clear vision + all the other things I did to make my visions a reality.

What will you do?

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