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For the past three decades, women and, increasingly, men have been preoccupied with how they look. But the intense scrutiny hasn't necessarily helped us see ourselves any more clearly. While as individuals we are growing heavier, our body preferences are growing thinner. And thinness is depicted everywhere as crucial to personal happiness. Despite the concerns of feminists and other observers, body image issues seem to be only growing in importance

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Deep sleep is a mysterious state that we usually enter several times each night. Its nature is somewhat less well known than the more dramatic "dream sleep." While we are very aware today of dream sleep, and of the ability of some people to be conscious of and even direct their dreams in a state known as lucid dreaming, the nature of deep sleep continues to invite a sense of mystery.

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Every Crossfit workout tends to yield one of three results. There's the gasping for air cardio burn that you stand up from 2 minutes later and you're fine, the "perfectly scaled" workout that is close to your limit but not over, and that one workout that leaves you sore for the rest of the week. Ideally, we should be able to recover from the latter of the three workout types and get back to work in the gym after a day of recovery.

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