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Also, I noticed results almost immediately. At first I noticed how much fitter I felt after just a few days. After a few weeks, I noticed I was stronger and could lift heavier weights. After a month I noticed my body had in fact changed. My stomach area in particular looked and felt firmer and more toned. My arms also had a little more definition.

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You will never be more than you are grateful for and you will never be truly free until you can count your blessings daily. Fear binds us to a life that does not wake us with great joy daily and there is no reason to not wake with great joy. No matter the circumstance we may find ourselves

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I want my life to be like a composition of extraordinary music where the notes and spaces all make sense and provide a feeling of extreme wellbeing and emotion. I am in relationships with people because I extract meaning from them and give meaning.

My life matters.

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