Where does the motivation come from to start training for three of the hardest races in Africa??

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Where does the motivation come from to start training for three of the hardest races in Africa??

With The Ironraid 100 Training in full swing I regularly get asked where the motivation comes from to train regularly or get up to train at five in the morning. I am in love with everything about how I train but specifically CrossFit and the sense of continuous achievement it gives me. I have never participated in any sport that has pushed me to constantly excel the way CrossFit does. Its extraordinary humbling and there is no place for your ego. It will get crushed while simultaneously taking you to new heights daily.

Folks often comment to me that they don’t train, go to gym or the box as often as they should. Many have every intention of going but there is always something that crops up that’s more important. The question I am asked is “How did I start. Where does the motivation come from and how do I keep working this hard every day?”

While I will comment I thought I’d go and hear what the community had to say. The responses are varied but often boil down to the same thing. Take a look.

Ana M Vargas Thinking about how hard I’ve worked to get where I am and not wanting to go back. But I honestly love CrossFit and enjoy going.

Kevin Morse I’ve always been athletic. I played baseball from the time that I was 5 years old until 18 and then played adult league for two years, BUT at 34 years old I’m in the best shape of my life.... because I’ve been consistent for years. I’ve been doing CrossFit for two years now and it has been the best exercise program I’ve followed to date. Good programming is important.

Olena Shevchuk I have CrossFit at 7pm almost every day and I’m furious if I can’t go because of job or my boyfriend:)) So I’m waiting for my workout like it’s my drug shot. It’s my meditation and my passion. It’s the only hour when I’m not thinking about my job or my problems. I don’t have to force myself at all..

Danae Rice The reflection in the mirror. And working out is my “me” time.

Mickey O'Sullivan I want to be able to live the most adventurous life I can. I have, if I’m lucky, 50 more summers. I want them to be spent doing fun things outside. Not having someone wipe my own ass in 30 years inside of a nursing home. Also, I’m just a happier dude when I’m active. I show up because it’s good for me, not always because I like it. Take the medicine.

John Moore I just go for my own health and well-being. It’s to keep up with my kids. Plus my own little ‘vice’. Results, competition, friendship, health.

Chris Henderson I remind myself of “Why” I train. Having a deep why behind me gets me to just do it. Also being ok to take it easy some days. Just playing around 50 percent my max and just sweating. Not always having to try crush myself every day. I want to be a role model to my sons, and just be a strong useful human. I train for this goal.

Olivia Diaz Oropeza It’ s like family. Everybody in the box make you push harder to learn new abilities. It’s amazing feeling

Melanie Vaillancourt I love getting PRs. I started 6 months ago and I'm starting to see repeat WODs come up and I love seeing how much I beat my old score by. #betterthanyesterday Don’t get me wrong...I like seeing how I compare to people that have been going longer...and it does give me a little boost of confidence when I come close to someone that's been going longer than me...😊


Kerry DiJoseph It is the one and only hour a day I don’t think about work, family or any other drama.

Jeffery Chalfant What made me start was boredom with bodybuilding and realizing that people need something other than wanting to look thinner or more muscular to go to the gym regularly. They need community, physical skill development, and a goal oriented workout.

Krista Sansom Maybe sit and write out your personal priorities or your wish list for yourself. Your physical and mental health MUST be at the very top. I'm old (58)and I can say that my fear of being dependent or a burden on someone as I age drives me to go.

Leslie Taylor Self image. Be in control of your life. If you can't go to the gym for an hour when you don't want to then how can you do other things that would make you successful in life. When I don't want to go to the gym it turns into mental resilience training.

Diane Mennim I use it as my sanity at the moment after a breakup. I just go and switch off and an hour passes where I don’t think of anything other than the next rep. Even though sometimes the next session I try to still talk myself out of going I am forcing myself to go as I’m normally buzzing after and I’m seeing physical results. Its helping me focus and an hour where it’s just me and no kids, work, hassle.

Liz Polding Not going is so much harder. Like a lot of people here, the gym makes so much difference to my life. It keeps my head on straight, it gives me my endorphin rush and it makes me feel good in my own skin.

One thing is clear and that is that the motivation to have an hour where the world stands still trumps many of the other fitness goals. This time in space, your time, is spent on becoming a stronger, faster and more youthful you. It’s a time where you are only required to be all you can be. It’s a time where you are facing You against You. Its also a time where you start asking yourself big questions. If I can do this what else is possible. Massive challenges become smaller obstacles and then huge successes.

Add a community to the above that is there to celebrate every single new personal record or achievement you get. A community that is vested in your success as much as there own as they know that every personal record you achieve brings hope to their own goals.

If you have never ventured into a CrossFit box and harbour any dreams, then I invite you to give it try. Your life will change and at the very least you will have peace in a non-judgemental and massively supportive setting for an hour every day.

My own journey from an overweight middle aged man to a fit not so young dude keeps me inspired.

CrossFit in combination with a healthier eating program has helped me lose 35kg and keep it off for the last four years. On the left I am in my early 40's and on the right early 50's.

At CrossFit Zest for life in Queenswood , Pretoria we provide you with physical and nutritional coaching as well as assistance to find your Why.

Charles Lubbe is an adventurer, author, motivational speaker and passionate functional fitness coach. Call 0717287835 or email charles@crossfitzest.co.za

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