Why Thyroid Treatments Work or Do Not Work

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Why Thyroid Treatments Work or Do Not Work

An example of how Nutrients & Toxins are Keys to Health

Hormones issues are generally symptoms since these small glands are mainly messengers and not doing the bigger jobs of creating energy and detoxification. Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body to exert their functions. There are many types of hormones that act on different aspects of bodily functions and processes.

There are times when the hormones of the thyroid gland can be the weakest link and is worth addressing. It is important to know why and how to also get at the root causes of thyroid problems that are also causes of the bigger weak links. Thyroid hormonal treatment is never a complete solution for a root cause.

Taking thyroid hormones can be a temporary partial solution in a limited number of cases;

Taking iodine in place of thyroid hormone therapy is often a better solution that addresses root causes, according to thyroid expert, Dr. David Brownstein.

One of the root causes of thyroid dysfunctions are toxins replacing iodine on the thyroid hormones, T3 or T4, which are the amino acid tyrosine with 3 or 4 iodine atoms attached. Iodine addresses the root causes of nutritional deficiency and toxicity that weaken not just the thyroid system, but every compromised cell, as Brownstein makes clear in the title of his book on iodine. You don’t just take iodine for thyroid, you take iodine for your whole system, not “take this for that.”

Toxins occupy receptor sites when iodine is not there. Nutritional deficiency leads to toxicity.  Nutrition can reverse that by providing the correct balance of mineral, nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants.  This is a basic lesson of health way beyond this example.

The toxins that occupy where iodine should be are of the same class of elements, halides: fluoride, chlorine, and bromides, that are attracted to bond with tyrosine. Water contains fluoride and chlorine. Bromides or bromine are in bread and fire retardants on furniture. There is similar competition between mercury and selenium, lead and calcium, arsenic and phosophorous, etc.

Treating thyroid is more likely to matter when these toxins are higher than other levels of toxicity. A system is only as strong as its weakest link This is a systems concept that you can use in many ways.

When the thyroid has not been directly impaired with those toxins to the degree that the rest of the body is toxic and malnourished and metabolism has slowed down, the thyroid slows down to match it as an effect, not a cause. Doctors recognize this in hospitals where patients’ thyroid levels slow down adaptively to match the energy level lowered by other problems.

Hormones are more like the gas pedal, not the gas tank. The gas tank is energy production in the mitochondria of every cell and the larger organs of digestion, liver, and skin absorbing sunlight. Thyroid hormones as messages can coordinate and shift from normal mode to emergency mode, and if that breaks down it is a problem. You cannot just turn this on and off and expect to have loads of energy. The single biggest determinate of regulation is probably sunlight on the circadian rhythm or sleep schedule.

When thyroid hormones show up as chronically low, you have a nutrition and toxicity problem in most cases with possibly additional other root causes.

If you have a toxicity problem, you have a liver or kidney or lymph problem that has not been able to keep up with excreting that level of toxic load. Even if thyroid gland production of T4 is normal it might not be converted to the utilizable form of T3 in the liver due to load of any kind of toxin, including halides.

Taking thyroid hormone medication can increase your energy utilization up to the level of the next weakest link that sets the limit of energy production for your whole body. That’s what happens when it works. When thyroid treatment doesn’t work it is not the weakest link. When you get symptoms like palpitations you are trying to force it higher than a level that matches the next weakest link.

Thyroid meds are temporary boosts at most under a limited set of conditions.

Iodine with a dense nutrient supplement is the best treatment. Many cofactor nutrients are needed to assimilate iodine otherwise you will not utilize and tolerate it well. Since iodine can create detox there may be discomfort and a gradual approach is necessary. Supported by all the other nutrients to energize mitochondria and energy production. To use iodine or any nutrient you need to address all nutritional needs at once for a complete solution.

If your system is only as strong as its weakest link, then your lowest level nutrient sets your energy level for the whole system that can create your “thyroid” problem. This was called the "law of the minimum" in agriculture 200 years ago: Crop yield is only as good as the lowest mineral level in the soil.

To succeed it is necessary to have a complete nutritional solution for your whole system, not “take this for that” based on a narrow interpretation of the problem. The medical paradigm focuses on the many symptoms in a fragmented manner, manipulating each separately from outside the body. A truly holistic paradigm focuses on the relatively few root causes so the body can heal itself in a systematic fashion as described partially above.

Combining iodine with Zeatin Musclemend provides you will all the nutrients and anti-oxidants necessary to combat toxins and restore energy.

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