08.A Guide to correcting unresolved inflammation.

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My life changed when I fixed my gut issues. My blood sugar stabilised and my pre diabetes when into remission. Today all my blood markers are above average and I no longer suffer from gout, constipation and extended inflammation.

Heal Your Gut

This book covers various types of diets to assist you in healing your gut, fibro and diabetes with 6 weeks meal plans included.

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Everything starts in your gut and how you process various fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The health of your gut has a direct impact on your immune system, free radicals  and chronic disease.

Make a choice today to understand your personal gut issues and how you can manage and correct your weight and health.

Observing this living laboratory and natural experiment called the Breakfast Debate has been fascinating to say the least and the results that I have observed have been astounding.

Heal Your Gut covers your complete journey to weight, health and serum lipid correction AND FIXES THE GUT GIVING YOU A NUMBER OF MEAL PLAN OPTIONS