09.The Big Breakfast Debate A guide to correcting your diabetes and weight.

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Buy the book The Big BREAKFAST Debate and let me share a simple story of success with you.


My story is a simple one.

A must read for anyone serious about correcting their health

The steps I took to help myself can be followed by anyone. 

I was pre diabetic, heavily overweight and tired. Always tired. What bugged me most was an inability to play with my young sons. I just did not have the energy.

In the book I chat about my journey and those of others and how I reduced my weight from 115kg to 80kg and sustain it. How I reduced my fasting blood sugar from 7 to 5.4 and sustain it. How I could not play with my young boys and since then have completed 3 full Ironman races, 2 100km Skyruns and 2 Comrades.

We can take back our youth.

Observing this living laboratory and natural experiment called the Breakfast Debate has been fascinating to say the least and the results that I have observed have been astounding.

The Big Breakfast Debate covers your complete journey to weight, health and serum lipid correction.

In the book you will find out how many have done it. How to turn it into a lifestyle but more importantly how to regain your youth.

From the couch to five full Ironman races completed, 2 Skyrun 100km and 2 Comrades 100km.

 Get your copy emailed to you today and start your journey to health and wellness. Its a definite win.